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Electric Chain Hoists

When it comes to all its products, MFN is known for it’s high level of quality lifting equipment. That’s because we never stop researching, designing and innovating. This is evident in our wide range of electric chain hoists. No matter which hoist you choose, you are sure to find superior quality, longer durability and ultimate strength.


What’s more, we can tailor-make solutions to suit your lifting need, whether you’re looking for some of our trademark MFN products or other hoisting solutions.

W - Series

WR - Series

Low Headroom Series

Single Phase W Series

The W-series range of electric chain hoists can be distinguished by the following; its extremely compact size giving the best possible closed headroom, its exceptional quality and its high levels of reliability. All are achieved by having the highest quality manufacturing standards, continuous improvements and quality control. All mechanical parts are examined under stringent conditions and rigorously tested, including long term performance testing to ensure the highest quality, efficiency and extended product life.

WR series hoists are designed to lift loads from 1000 kg to 5000 kg in a production environment with a high duty cycle and proven reliability. The hoist body is completely manufactured completely from aluminium and steel with no plastic components. With the new design RWM have produced a hoist with the minimum low headroom and at the same time safe and reliable with particular attention to the selection and test of materials used.

The low headroom trolleys are used when it is necessary to have the maximum utility height between the floor and the beam. It is important when we have buildings with low height or when it is necessary to enter in compact spaces.

Electric chain hoists 230 V single phase. FEM clas 1 Am R.I. 30%. Available with special tension 110V single phase (see table below).